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Coaching Supervision Certification Program
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Goldvarg Consulting Group

We are a consulting company that performs global leadership training, executive
coaching and keynote speaking.

Godvarg Consulting Group

We are a consulting company that performs global leadership training, executive coaching and keynote speaking.


``We challenge our clients to think beyond what is possible. We work in not only what it is but what it could be.``


``We focus on our clients maximizing their full potential and accomplishing breakthrough results.``


``We want to inspire our public to think beyond their boundaries and feel moved to take meaningful action.``


``Through our books, papers, and work documents we want to share our global culture, experience, and knowledge.``

Damian Goldvarg Ph.D., MCC

President | Goldvarg Consulting Group, Inc.

Consulted for over twenty years to Fortune 100 companies, government agencies and non- profit corporations worldwide, in more than 40 countries. Being an expert in Leadership Development and in Personal and Organizational Effectiveness, he has worked with people from a wide array of business sectors such as technology, energy, finance, retail and manufacturing.

New Mentor Coaching Certification Program

Starting in March – Program in English and Spanish

Coaching Certification Program for Clinicians

Starting in July 2017

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  • Presentation on Coaching Supervision, applying EMCC Coaching Supervision Framework The EMCC Conference took place last March 1 to 3, 2017 in Edinburgh. More than 250 coaches meet to learn and network. I had the opportunity to co-facilitate a workshop on Coaching Supervision, showing a supervision......

  • Dr. Damian Goldvarg is a global consultant and executive coach that has worked over 30 countries in most continents for the last twenty years. Tonight he will address you as an audience of managers working for different businesses in the project #1 from the Professionally......

  • In this interview, Carol Courcy, MCC, talks about Emotional Agility and discuss her book Save the Inner Tortoise.  She explains the steps to develop emotional agility including: awareness, interruption, and developing strategies to effectively manage our emotions....

  • Slides for ICFLA Session...

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PASOS (STEPS) is a internet radio program that offers the opportunity to reflect on leadership, personal development and wellbeing at work. We invite thought leaders from all over the world to cover topics such as:
  • How to strech yourself to keep learning and develpoing professionally.
  • How to achieve business goals.
  • How to develop effective relationships with colleagues.
  • How to work effectively in a team.
  • How to get a balance between work and home.
  • How to resolve conflicts at work.
  • How to overcome your challenges at work