Coaching Supervision Certification
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Coaching Supervision Certification

Coaching Supervision Certification


Coaching Supervision Certification

The Coaching Supervision Certification Program is target to experienced coaches with at least 500 hours of experience and a credential (preferred, not mandatory) from a coaching association: ICF, EMCC or AC. Participants will be trained as individual and group supervisors. By the end of the program they will be eligible to apply for a credential with the European and Mentoring and Coaching Alliance (EMCC). This training program has received the ESQA, EMCC European Supervision Quality Award.

This program aligns its contents very closely to the competency model developed by EMCC and motivates graduates to apply for the EMCC Supervisory Credential as a way to strengthen the Coaching Supervision Practice Worldwide. The program also offers 150 hours of CCEUs for ICF credentialing application and renewal.
Core Principles and beliefs about Coaching Supervision.

The program supports coaching supervisors to develop skills to build a foundation for the coach/supervisor relationship, to navigate ethical dilemmas, to provide emotional support and to offer techniques, models and theories to support coach´s work.

What is coaching supervision?

Coaching supervision is a reflective space and safe environment for the coaches to bring their work  for their own benefit as well as for their clients.

Coaching Supervision is a partnership and the supervisors apply their creativity to provide learning opportunities for the coach, including use of pictures, bodywork, magic box, metaphors, etc.

Coaching Supervisors may apply the 7-eyed Model from Hawkins and psychodynamic distinctions such as transference and countertransference in their work with coaches and be effective at intervening at individual as well as at group level.

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