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This document presents the latest research on building coaching cultures conducted by ICF and HCI.

Michelle Roy, PCC, will share her experience working as executive coach, mentor coach and supervisor for more than fifteen years, integrating body, mind and spirit in her work. She will share how she applies yoga principles to work. At the end of the program, you...

In this interview we will explore our ideas of what is enough at work and in life. What are the messages from culture about "being enough", what happen when we make other people feel they are not "enough". Terrie Lupberger will share some strategies on...

June 24, 2014, 5.00 PM PST
When we choose a life that steps us from the safety of the known to the bravery of the unknown, we need a strong foundation from which to take-off and fly. And even if we’re not quite ready to lead that brave life we so crave, to build a rock solid and stable platform to begin believing it is possible, can be the catalyst for change.
June 17, 2014 5.00 PM PST
Marcia will answer these questions: 1. You teach leaders coaching skills around the world. What changes have you seen in how leaders learn and use the skills? 2. Do you think there is a good understanding of what coaching is in corporations or are there still misinterpretations? 3. What changes have you made in how you teach coaching in the past few years?
June 10, 2014, 5.00 PM PST Ed Modell, PCC, answered these questions during the program: 1. What is Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR? 2. How is mediation different from coaching? 3. How do you use coaching to help clients who are in a dispute? 4. How to use the Thomas Killman Instrument in teaching  how to manage conflict?

Bravo Latinos!

The future looks bright for the coaching profession in Latin America The coaching profession in Latin America has been developing for more than 20 years with the influence of great thinkers and ‘father figures’ – originally from Chile – with an ontological orientation such as Flores and Maturana, and their disciples, Echeverría and Olalla. They were the key first players in the field regionally by training the first cadres of coaches.