Coaching Certification Program for Clinicians
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Coaching Certification Program for Clinicians

  • 12 weeks
  • 80 in-class hours
  • 125 total training hours 29 CEU credits

Designed to provide licensed, clinical professionals with training in professional coaching skills, this program’s graduates will perform at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level of practice—a standard established by the International Coach Federation (ICF)—and will be qualified to coach clients in a variety of settings to promote increases in personal and professional effectiveness. Graduates will also be eligible to earn a coaching credential, a clear distinction in the profession. Coaching is a growing profession for which therapists are ideally positioned.

Compared to other coaching training programs, this class is tailored to clinicians, allows you to complete the training considerably sooner, costs 30% – 75% less, and offers 29 CEUs (a $600 value).

PCC Training Clinicians