Virtual Professional Coaching Certification Level One

Virtual Professional Coaching Certification

July 20 to December 7, 2023 (20 Weekly Sessions)


Virtual Professional Coaching Certification Level One, ICF Accredited Education


The  “Coaching Tools” certification offered by The Goldvarg Consulting Group is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as  Level One, ICF Accredited Education (previous ACSTH), and it is designed to develop professional coaching skills to provide professional services worldwide. The program consists of 85 hours of training and is offered in English and Spanish.

Why to become a coach?

As a professional coach you partner with clients to maximize their potential and become the best version of themselves. In a collaborative process, you support your clients to achieve objectives, become more effective, and bring more wellbeing to their lives. Are you interested in being a transformational agent? Becoming a professional coach will allow you to make a significant contribution in the lives of your clients, their teams, and organizations.

Target Audience

Human resource partners, training, and organizational development professionals, leaders, and managers.


By the end of the program, participants are able to understand and apply the International Coaching Federation Core Coaching Competencies and enhance their personal and work effectiveness. Topics covered include Coaching Agreement, Building a Partnership, Communication Skills, Coaching Presence, Cultural Diversity, Emotional Intelligence, and Positive Psychology. The program includes coaching practice and working with a mentor coach who provides feedback from recorded sessions.

Damian Goldvarg

Dr. Damian Goldvarg


Dr. Damian Goldvarg is a Master Certified Coach (MCC), a Certified Speaker Professional (CSP), an Accredited Coach Supervisor (ESIA), and the Past Global President of the International Coach Federation (2013-2014). He has twenty years of experience in leadership development training, executive assessment and coaching, talent management, facilitation, strategic planning, and team building services. Originally from Argentina, he has worked with individuals and organizations in over fifty countries.

Dr. Goldvarg trains executive coaches, mentor coaches and coach supervisors worldwide. He has presented his work at national and international conferences and published five books on personal development and coaching competencies. He received the Circle of Distintion Award from the ICF, in 2018, for his contribution to the Coaching Profession.

Program Agenda

The program cost is $5,ooo. Includes Mentor Coaching.

The program lasts 85 hours with the following components:

1. Webinars (Total: 32 hours in 16 sessions of 2 hours each for 4 months) Thursdays at 4:00 PM PST
Participants have to attend to 80% of the classes to receive the certification of attendance.

2. Readings (Total: 15 hrs)
Participants need to plan to spend an average of 1hr. per week for readings, 15 hours total. This program will assign readings from three (3) texts.
• Emotional Intelligence 2.0, Greaves, J., Lencioni, P. TalentSmart. (2009).
• Professional Coaching Competencies, by Goldvarg, Matthews, and Perel (2018).
• Language and the Pursuit of Happiness. C. Brothers. New Possibilities Press (2005).

3. Individual Mentor Coaching Sessions (Total: 3 hrs)
The individual sessions are an additional ICF certification requirement. Participants complete these individual sessions with a certified mentor coach. These mentor coaching sessions must be arranged individually based on mutual availability.

4. Coaching Practice (Total: 15 hrs.)
To assist participants in building their coaching skills, they have to schedule 5 coaching sessions with at least 3 individuals for a total of at least 15 hours. These hours count towards the 100 hours of certification required for ICF ACC – Associate Certified Coach Credential.

5. Individual Coaching Sessions (Total 5 hrs.)
Participants will receive coaching from program graduates to understand how coaching works and experience being a coachee before working professionally as a coach.

6. Group Mentor Coaching (Total 10 hrs.)
Participants meet in small groups four times for 2. 5 hours each, to practice and receive feedback from a Certified Mentor Coach.

7.  Coaching Supervision (Total 5 hrs.)
Participants meet with a supervisor to reflect on their work and explore emotional reactions, ethical dilemmas, and challenges as new coaches.

Program Policies

Organizational mission and vision for being a coach education provider.

 We have been providing coaching certification programs for ten years closely aligned to the ICF Core competencies framework and professional and ethical standards. Our mission is to provide excellent coaching, mentor coaching, and coaching supervision training to prepare very effective and ethical professional coaches.

Our vision is to support the development of extraordinary coaches committed to making the world a better place.

Learning philosophy that guides delivery and accreditation management.  

Our philosophy embraces ICF values of excellence, respect, integrity, and collaboration. We follow adult learning models and treat students as peers that bring to their training their life experiences and wisdom that can be leveraged during the learning process. Our programs are very interactive and we focus on global participation and give priority to diversity and equity issues. The programs are developed around ICF competencies. Each class focuses on one competency

Disability/Discrimination/DEIJ statement

Goldvarg Consulting Group does not discriminate based on race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identity, or disability.  We provide services that bring awareness of the importance of equity and embracing differences.

Complaint/Grievance Policy

If any client has a complaint needs to write a letter explaining the concerns to the President, Damian Goldvarg, at

Participant/Participant Enrollment Agreement

Participants receive a contract they need to sign that explains all program requirements and adherence to ethical and professional behaviors.

Completion policy

Participants receive in the contract clear guidance about completion. They need to attend 75% of interactive sessions, finish mentor coaching sessions, practice with clients and perform the assessment at the end to complete the program.

Payment/Fees policy(s)

Participants may split payments in monthly installments but need to finish paying the whole program to receive the certification.

Refund policy and Transfer of Credit policy.

A partial refund is offered in case of personal circumstances such as illness.  We don´t offer refunds after attending four sessions. We also offer the possibility to participate in the next program if a participant needs to stop participating before arriving at half of the program.

Road to Certification

In order to follow the ACSTH path to become an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), participants will need to:
• Submit Coaching Tools Certificate of Completion to ICF (you will receive the certificate after completing all program requirements).
• Log a minimum of 100 hours of client coaching experience (Coaching Tools Certification will fulfill the first 15 hours towards this requirement).
• Complete the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA).
• Submit a fee of $300 to ICF ($100 if you are an ICF member).

Please see ICF website ( for further details on ACC application requirements.

Please see ICF website for further details on ACC application requirements

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