Leadership Training

We challenge our clients to think beyond what is possible. We work in not only what it is, but what it could be

Our Philosophy

  • Adults learn by actively participating in the programs. Therefore, all our programs are highly interactive.

  • Concepts and models are helpful if they can be applied. Participants plan during the sessions how they will apply the new skills.

  • We customize our programs to the specific needs of our clients.

Communication Skills

This program centers on identifying communication styles and developing strategies to communicate effectively. Exercises applying non-assertive, assertive and aggressive styles are presented. Participants develop a new awareness of their own communication patterns and identify opportunities to apply the learning to design transformational conversations. The program also focuses on how to develop committed listening skills. Many exercises on active listening are practiced.

Team Building

This program focuses on team development by introducing exercises targeted to challenge the team to perform to its greatest potential. By analyzing strengths and weaknesses, team members develop awareness of issues that need to be addressed to increase performance. Team members prepare a plan to leverage their team’s strengths and to improve the areas that need development.

Workforce Empowerment

Building skills to enhance motivation, productivity and collaboration are focal areas of this program. As a result of this program participants align personal goals to organizational strategies, find ways to more effectively collaborate with colleagues, and develop systemic and strategic thinking skills.

Conflict Resolution Skills

This program presents different styles of conflict resolution and how to choose the appropriate style for different contexts and circumstances. Participants identify their own personal difficulties in dealing with conflict effectively and explore their main style when dealing with conflicts. The program offers an opportunity to develop skills to manage challenging situations and enhance personal assertiveness when necessary.

Coaching Skills

This program provides models and tools for managers to develop their staff and help them to maximize their potential and be more effective. Some of the strategies discussed in the session include: how to develop trust and maintain relationships, how to inspire commitment, how to deal with emotions and resistance to change, and how to align individual needs to organizational goals. Participants will have the opportunity to practice listening skills, observation skills, to provide feedback, and to create coaching plans.

Emotional Intelligence

The program focuses on assessing participants’ self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and their ability to build relationships with the goal of developing strategies to enhance these areas to create empowering environments at work.

Time Management

In this seminar, participants explore their priorities, time wasters, interruptions and delegation challenges. After they identify the main obstacles to managing their time effectively, they develop a plan to diminish time wasters and maximize resources. The program also focuses on how to develop effective delegation skills.

Strategic Planning

This program offers the participants the opportunity to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their organizations as well as the opportunities and threats. They will start to develop a long-term plan based on this analysis. Different sources of information are identified, implemented, and evaluated. Participants also develop skills to facilitate the different stages of the strategic planning process.

Public Speaking

This seminar presents the basic elements for successful presentations and offers the participants the opportunity to practice and observe themselves on videotape. They also receive personal coaching from the instructor and fellow participants.

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