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The program offers 40 ICF Continue Coaching Education Units.

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Team Coaching Supervision Certification · 40 ICF Core Competencies CCEUs


By the end of this program, participants will be able to: 

  • Understand and apply the EMCC coaching supervision core competency model in a group setting 
  • Have an increased awareness on how they show up as a supervisor (including the aspects of diversity, rank, and power) 
  • Effectively create and facilitate a reflective space for a group of coaches 
  • Apply various supervision tools in a group setting 
  • Create a safe space in a group setting for coaches to share strong emotions 
  • Effectively work with ethical dilemmas 
  • Provide creative options for supervising in groups 
  • Understand key elements of group team coaching supervision 


Coaching supervision is a reflective space for participants to focus on their own development in a way that benefits their clients and the wider system. As a group supervisor, we consider the different interconnected systems, and we utilize facilitation skills to work with group dynamics.Are you trained in coaching supervision and would like to enhance your group supervision skills? Or perhaps you want to learn more about group supervision with colleagues interested in the same topic? Or maybe you want to start a group and would like to have support along the way? In this virtual certificate program, supervisors will have an opportunity to further develop their group supervision skills through theory, practice, and reflection. The program will be aligned to the EMCC Core Competencies for Coaching SuperVision .This program includes working with team coaches in the group supervision format.

Target Audience: Trained Coaching Supervisors 


The objective of this program is to train supervisors to provide group supervision following the EMCC coaching supervision competency model. 

Dr. Damian Goldvarg


Lily has a global leadership coaching, mentoring and supervision practice. She is a graduate of the first North American Coaching Supervision Academy (CSA) class and has been facilitating individual and group supervision since 2013, both as an internal and external supervisor. 

She is the first Canadian to be awarded the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) European Supervision Individual Accreditation (ESIA) and is a 2020 EMCC Global Winner for SuperVision. Lily served on the Independent Review Board at ICF (ethics review board) and is also Past President of the ICF Vancouver Island Chapter. In her spare time, Lily is an avid reader, traveller, and grandmother, not necessarily in that order! Lily is also a recipient of the prestigious Leadership Victoria Award – for excellence in coaching and mentoring. 


Damian Goldvarg, Ph.D., Master Certified Coach,is the President of The Goldvarg Consulting Group, a management consulting firm that works with Fortune 100 companies worldwide, as well as with local community based organizations in Los Angeles County, offering services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Dr. Goldvarg has thirty years of consulting experience as a trainer and in developing leaders and empowering people at their workplace. He provides services in: executive coaching, organizational assessment and intervention, leadership training, performance feedback, and group facilitation. He has been training coaches, mentor coaches, and coach supervisors for ten years. 

He has worked in more than forty countries and with different levels of 

management. He was the Global Chair of the International Coach Federation Board of Directors in 2013 and 2014. 

He is a recipient of the 2018 Circle of Distinction from the ICF for his global contribution to the coaching profession and the 2019 Supervision Award from EMCC for his contribution to developing Supervision worldwide. 

He wrote five books on coaching and has trained hundreds of professional coaches, mentor coaches, and coach supervisors worldwide in English and Spanish. 

Dr. Damian Goldvarg


  • Sixteen (16) sessions, every week, over 8 months consisting of 8 webinars of 2.5 hours each and 8 practice groups supervision activities.
  • Organizing and facilitating your own supervision group outside of the class.
  • Supervision of your Group Supervision experience.
  • Journaling and sharing your learnings with questions to prompt your thinking
  • Topics of interest include supervision around diversity issues, team coaching supervision and working with ethical dilemmas.
  • Self-study (including readings), meeting in small groups for research, writing a paper, and interactive postings on Basecamp.
  • Final case presentation on a recorded group coaching supervision session.

This program will have a diversity lens integrated into the modules. Participants will also receive CCEs (28 core and 8 resource) that can be applied to ICF renewal of credentials. There are an additional 4 hours of core CCEs for the individual supervision that is part of this program. You must attend the live sessions to receive these CCEs. For EMCC, you can claim up to 60 hours of professional development.

We will discuss setting up a supervision group that you will facilitate and journal about throughout this program. Your groups should have between 3-6 participants, and you will be expected to facilitate a minimum of 4 sessions for the purposes of this program (90-120 minutes each) so you can move through a full cycle of group supervision, from contracting to ending. You will be asked to share your experience and questions in the class for discussion and learning.

  • Attend 75% of the sessions (12 classes of 16). If you miss a class, you will be askedto review the recording and submit a summary of your learnings.
  • Read the sections of the books assigned and post your learnings on Basecamp
  • Convene your own supervision group outside of the class for a minimum of 4sessions (over 8 months).
  • Participants will receive up to 4 individual coaching supervision from graduatesof this program.
  • Record one group supervision session to share with the class as part of yourcase study presentation (including case analysis).
  • One paper on your philosophy as a group coaching supervisor.

** It is expected that you will participate from a private space where you are able to participate fully, without any distractions.

With emphasis on application and reflective practice. Participants will learn and apply the theories in their practice groups as well as their own supervision group outside of the classroom setting.

Topics include: 

  1. Exploring our own identity as a group supervisor
  2. Honouring the diversity amongst group members
  3. Use of self in a group setting
  4. Differentiating between individual and group supervision
  5. Contracting for group supervision
  6. The role and responsibilities of the group supervisor
  7. Vulnerability and courage in a group
  8. Competencies of a group supervisor
  9. Team Coaching supervision
  10. Creativity in group work
  11. Group supervision models
  12. Different business models
  13. Psychodynamics of working with groups in an emergent space

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Testimonials from recent graduates

“Group Supervision requires a balance of art and science. The specialised programme that Lily and Damian offer is a gift for Supervisors who are interested in having a larger scale positive impact. I was able to deepen my learning and strengthen my confidence overall as a Supervisor through this programme, while learning with amazing people from across the globe”.

Traci Manalani, USA, Associate Director, Marshall Learning & Development

“It was a great opportunity to expand our awareness, thought processes and competencies in a truly globally connected, diverse group of experienced coaches interested in group dynamics. Thank you, Lily and Damian!” 

Maureen Rabotin, France/USA, Associate Director, Marshall Learning & Development

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