Keynote Speaking

We want to inspire our public to think beyond their own boundaries and feel moved to take meaningful action

Our Philosophy

  • Lectures should be agile, interesting and thought provoking.

  • Participants’ interest and engagement is gained not only from concepts as models, but especially from stories, examples, and metaphors.

  • Participants need to feel the speaker understands their needs, concerns, and challenges. We research our audiences thoroughly.

Main Speaker · Dr. Damian Goldvarg

He has twenty years of experience as a presenter and speaker demonstrating a knowledgeable, confident and enthusiastic style. His experience working as executive coach, leadership trainer, facilitator and consultant for Fortune 100 companies, as well as for non for-profit and government agencies in over forty countries, makes him an expert on several topics.

Our Topics

How to be an Effective Leader in Challenging Times

This speech presents the elements of effective leadership behaviors in tough times and challenges the audience to explore inner resources and strengths to accomplish breakthrough results.

How to Coach Employees to Maximize their Potential

This speech challenges executives to find opportunities to have conversations with employees focused on their professional development and the alignment of their personal and organizational goals.

How to Develop your Cultural Intelligence

This speech presents strategies to work with people from different cultures and develop a global mindset. The audience has the opportunity to reflect on past experiences and plan for future encounters with people from different cultures.

Goldvarg Coaching Group

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